Amazing Recipes

From the simplicity of Scoop, Stir, Smile, to the more adventurous, you’ll be amazed by all the ways you can add delicious plant-based nutrition throughout your day.


Shamrock Shake Recipe
Mar 02, 2017
When you wanna be festive but you also dedicated to that health life.
Berry Delicious Maca Smoothie Bowll
Feb 01, 2017
You had me at smoothie bowl.
Detoxifying Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl
Jan 21, 2017
Clean, creamy, high in fiber & berry, berry delicious.
Kiwi Kale Smoothie
Jan 20, 2017
Not only good for gut health but tickles the taste buds.
Lemon, Mint & Avocado Smoothie
Jan 11, 2017
Not only does this smoothie contain ingredients to help you detox and restore your body's pH balance, but it is also full of nutrients and healthy fats to keep you full and satisfied.
Ginger Spinach Smoothie Bowl Recipe
Jan 11, 2017
Restoring your body's natural alkaline state has never been so nutritious & delicious.