Amazing Recipes

From the simplicity of Scoop, Stir, Smile, to the more adventurous, you’ll be amazed by all the ways you can add delicious plant-based nutrition throughout your day.


Morning Mood Mocktail
Mar 27, 2024
Grounded in the refreshing flavors of passionfruit and citrus, Amazing Grass Greens Blend Mood provides relaxation support with L- theanine and promotes a healthy gut with probiotics.
Strawberry Almond Butter Rice Cakes
Dec 15, 2023
Rice and shine with the dessert-like breakfast of your dreams! These Strawberry Almond Butter Rice...
Chocolate Tiramisu Pancakes
Dec 07, 2023
Plant protein-packed Chocolate Tiramisu Pancakes? 🍫☕️🥞 We didn’t believe it at first, but they’re real...
Avocado Brownie Mousse Superfood Cookies
Dec 07, 2023
Here’s a treat that will have guests shouting, “Bravocado!” These Avocado Brownie Mousse Superfood Cookies...
Gingerbread Greens Smoothie
Feb 07, 2023
Our Gingerbread Greens Smoothie with Amazing Grass Vanilla Plant Protein keeps holiday cheer in the...
Squash Salad
Dec 14, 2022
Chef’s Note: This festive salad is the perfect addition to your next holiday or dinner...