The most powerful choice you can make with your diet is adding Superfoods

The most powerful choice you can make with your diet is adding Superfoods

Superfoods are extraordinary…
They are the strong and mighty food tools that can help you create the positive change you desire in your wellness more effectively than anything else you consume. They can help you heal, energize, think better, move stronger, and live at your fullest potential.

Green Superfoods can, quite literally, change your life. I would know, too. After struggling with the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome in my early twenties, I found that incorporating superfoods was a game-changer in my healing process. And ever since a superfood-rich diet gradually helped me evolve from “better” to “good” to “amazing,” I’ve made it my mission to share this transformative information with everyone I can.

Over the past fifteen years working as a superfood chef in the Los Angeles area, I’ve authored five best-selling cookbooks on the subject, including the New York Times bestseller Superfood Smoothies; I’ve worked with leading natural food companies and restaurants as a recipe developer and consultant; and everyday I have the great privilege of working with students from all around the globe through my online superfood cooking school, I love teaching people not just how to cook well, but how to cook for wellness, and it’s been a thrill to see the superfood movement gain such impressive momentum over the past several years.

But if you’re left still wondering what all this organic superfood fuss is really about, allow me to shine a little light on the subject. Simply put, superfoods can be defined as the most nutrient-dense, benefit-rich foods on the planet. Really key to this definition is understanding the idea of “nutrient-density:” the ratio of micronutrients to calories. Unlike macronutrients – fat, protein, and carbohydrates (the things which compose calories and are in all foods) – micronutrients are the things you need in very small quantities, but are absolutely essential to your health and wellness.

The category of micronutrients consists of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. Interestingly, while all of these components are often at the forefront of research studies on augmented health and disease prevention, many of these findings are due to the fact that micronutrient deficiencies themselves are so common. Nope, it’s not just you – most of us are walking around with various levels of micronutrient deficiencies due to a poor diet, personal biology, stress factors, environment, and so much more. So how do we remedy this? With superfoods!

As the foods with the highest nutrient-density (the most of those valuable micronutrients per calorie), simply adding superfoods into your day can instantly boost your food choices and supply your body with the micronutrients it so desperately craves.

Even better, we’re not just talking about one or two foods here – the category of superfoods is as large as it is diverse.

Here are a few superfoods to consider:

As far as using these incredible ingredients, it’s surprisingly easy. “Superfood cuisine” is a rewarding practice: one that makes a superfood lifestyle less intimidating, and most certainly more motivating (as I like to say, nothing is as convincing as delicious!). Plus, it’s just plain old fun to explore the endless ways superfoods can be used in cooking – from making hearty casseroles enriched with superfood seeds and greens, all the way to decadent desserts, like the ever-popular Revitalizing Raw Chocolate we offer as one of our superfood cooking courses at Luminberry.

But I want to let you in on a little secret: the “best” way to use superfoods is the everyday way. Superfoods, and the nutrients they contain, aren’t a magic potion that work their remedies in the realm of one healthy meal or totally epic dessert. Superfoods are a long-term wellness strategy, with their nutrient benefits accruing and compounding over consistent use and time. You certainly don’t have to use every item on the list above, and for ease-of-use, organic superfood formulas are extremely helpful as a pre-curated selection. But you should aim to make using your chosen superfoods part of your daily routine.

Whether it’s boosting a smoothie with superfoods, mixing superfoods into your morning breakfast bowl, or adding Amazing Grass® Green Powder into your water bottle, it’s all about creating goals you don’t struggle to meet, that become the healthy habits you don’t even think about. Make a superfood boost your new daily challenge, and discover your own wellness potential. I’m betting it’s pretty amazing.

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