Superfood Spotlight: Holy Basil

Superfood Spotlight: Holy Basil

More than likely, in the last week or so, you’ve said the “S-word” at least once: Stress.

Exposure to stress has become a ubiquitous part of modern-day culture, and as we try to combat its overwhelming effects mentally, our bodies are busy striving to adapt and maintain balance physically. Stress taxes us on every level: it accelerates aging, hijacks productivity, increases disease and injury vulnerability, and diminishes our quality of life. For all these reasons and more, we need a regular stress solution. And that’s why the powerful natural therapy of adaptogenic superfoods is so useful, now more than ever.

Adaptogens, like their name suggests, help us adapt to (and increase resistance against) all kinds of physical and environmental stressors, while restoring normal physiological functions in the process. Adaptogens promote balance, and often offer additional realms of healthy support as well.

One particularly powerful adaptogen is a special herb called holy basil, sometimes also known as tulsi or sacred basil. Holy basil is an adaptogen that’s revered for its versatility of its benefits, making it a favorite tool of natural practitioners.

Holy basil is often used to:

  • Mitigate stress response and enhance a feeling of “calm”
  • Promote better sleep
  • Help remedy depression and anxiety
  • Support balanced blood sugar
  • Offer protection for the brain against disease
  • Support cognitive performance overall, including better memory and clearer thinking
  • Protect against advanced aging with naturally-occurring powerful antioxidants

In other words: Holy basil promotes whole body wellness, literally from your innermost mind to the surface of your skin.

Because of its calming effects, you may be wondering if holy basil can make you sleepy or reduce your energy, but in fact, holy basil does neither. Consuming the herb just helps you maintain balance, so you feel good during the day, and ready to rest by the time you hit the pillow.

You can incorporate holy basil in your diet in a delicious and easy-to-use manner by enjoying it in the Amazing Plant Protein blend. You’ll likely find this special ingredient promotes an optimal kind of radiance that you can not only see, but actually can really feel.

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