Amazing Recipes

From the simplicity of Scoop, Stir, Smile, to the more adventurous, you’ll be amazed by all the ways you can add delicious plant-based nutrition throughout your day.


Kidz Berry Blast Smoothie
Sep 10, 2019
Its taste your kids will love, nutrition you can feel good about. Adding Our Kidz Superfood Protein + Probiotics Strawberry Blast 🍓 provides a 🌈 of organic greens, fruits and vegetables, nurturing plant protein and 1 billion CFU probiotics – all in a single, outrageously delicious scoop!
Watermelon Superfood Slushie
Aug 04, 2017
Refreshing and mouth-watering.
Shamrock Shake Recipe
Mar 02, 2017
When you wanna be festive but you also dedicated to that health life.