5 Easy Tricks to Flush Out 2015

5 Easy Tricks to Flush Out 2015

Congratulations! You’ve successfully survived the season of giving—and receiving sugary, gluttonous food and drink. You enjoyed the holidays fully and you’ve got the extra pumpkin spice late pounds to prove it. It’s time to turn over a new leaf, say goodbye to last year’s toxins and alkalize after all that alcohol-izing. The holiday parties have passed and you can finally focus on feeling great in your body again. Good news! You don’t have to do a 12-day fast that cleanses you of everything, including the will to live. In honor of the launch of our new Amazing Grass: Detox & Digest blend we’re celebrating 5 easy add-ins for your January detox:

5.) Guacamole

Believe it or not the world’s most delicious dip is also its most detoxifying. Avocados contain high levels of antioxidants like glutathione, which help eliminate harmful toxins. In addition, limes, tomatoes, garlic, cilantro and cumin are some of natures best detoxifiers so grab some celery sticks and carrots and dig in!

4.) Hot Water with Lemon

Consuming this simple and delicious drink in the morning before you put anything else in your mouth has major health perks. In addition to an abundance of vitamin C and antibacterial properties, the pectin fibre in lemon supports colon health. Staying hydrated is also key to flushing toxins.

3.) Tumeric Consumed with Fat

This incredible spice is responsible for the rich golden hue found in Indian curries. Indeed, Indians eat so much turmeric it may be responsible for their unusually low rates of lung, colon, prostate and breast cancer. Turmeric is fat soluble so be sure to consume it in food or a smoothie rich with good fats rather than taking it in pill form. Try this delicious drink for best results: Dr. Andrew Weil’s Golden Milk recipe Heat 2 cups light unsweetened coconut milk (or almond or soy milk) with 1 tablespoon peeled, grated fresh ginger and 1 tablespoon peeled, grated fresh turmeric and 3-4 black peppercorns. Bring to a simmer and simmer covered for 10 minutes. Strain and sweeten to taste (if desired). Recipe courtesy of drweil.com

2.) Yoga

Inverted poses like Shoulder Stands and Three-Legged Downward Dog increase blood flow to the heart and flush the lymph nodes. Twists are known for helping detox the liver and aid digestion along with, ahem, elimination. Yogic breathing relaxes the diaphragm and helps release toxins from the lung tissue. Bonus points: Take a sauna after and sweat out the rest of New Year’s.

1.) Amazing Grass: Detox & Digest

Just add a scoop of Amazing Grass: Detox and Digest to your water or juice. It has all the nutrients your body needs to flush out 2015 including 7 alkalizing greens and more than 24 cleansing and digestive ingredients in one scoop! Ingredients like licorice root, cardamom seed, papaya, kiwi and 1 billion probiotics help you to gently detox and support digestion. All this nourishing goodness combined makes for a super energizing boost! Carpe 2016 with Amazing Grass Detox & Digest, available exclusively at Whole Foods. By Kelly MacLean

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