Why Detox Isn't Just a Buzz Word

Why Detox Isn't Just a Buzz Word

The concept of detox has definitely become a hugely overused word in recent years. Companies of all sorts continue to create various different types of detox products and programs, and many of us feel that we need to drastically detox our system after a cheat day or long night of drinking.

Although it’s true that the word and concept of detox are misunderstood and overused, detox is still a vital part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The good news is that our bodies are naturally built to flush out toxins, so those crazy lemon maple syrup diets or 5-day juice cleanses are often unnecessary (and misguided). All our bodies really need is a boost from time to time to keep us feeling our absolute best.

So, what is detox and why is it important? The reality is that as healthy as many of us like to be, we are consistently surrounded by toxins in many aspects of our everyday lives. From airborne toxins to chemicals in our body and makeup products to pesticides in our food, it’s exceptionally difficult in this day and age to avoid all forms of harmful substances. On top of that, even when we do try and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, it’s unrealistic to expect that we’ll be perfect 100% of the time. Whether it’s indulging in a few drinks, enjoying a not so healthy meal out or taking a few days off from working out, our bodies definitely need a little jolt from time to time in order to successfully clear toxins from our bodies.

While detox is important for even the healthiest of individuals, if you are struggling with fatigue, inability to lose weight, food cravings, headaches, body odor, skin issues or troubling focusing, it’s probably a sign your body needs a little help detoxing. [1] Not only will detoxing help alleviate these symptoms, but it can also help to prevent issues such as autoimmune diseases, allergies, hormone issues, fertility problems and IBS, which are often a result of toxicity in the body.[2]

In order to help our body detox and eliminate toxins, it’s necessary to support the organs and systems already at work. Namely, the liver, kidneys, lymphatic and digestive systems are all essential to detoxification. Although there are many ways to support these organs and systems, here are some of our favorites. All of these are simple strategies you can employ as a part of your normal, day-to-day life!

  1. Ditch plastic water bottles and containers in exchange for glass or stainless steal to avoid BPA and other toxins found in plastics.
  2. Avoid conventional produce in exchange for Organic pesticide-free options. Can’t afford organic 100% of the time? Just focus on avoiding the dirty dozen.
  3. Choose to consume foods that support your liver and kidney’s natural detoxification process including beets, dandelion, leafy vegetables, burdock root and milk thistle.
  4. Drink plenty of freshly pressed, raw juice to support your liver and help with digestion.
  5. Purchase a filter for your shower or entire home to limit your consumption of chlorine exposure.
  6. Include dry skin brushing as part of your daily routine to stimulate your lymphatic system.
  7. Drink at least 64oz of water a day (just not in plastic bottles) to flush out toxins.
  8. Use a scoop of Green Superfood Detox & Digest or Alkalize & Detox in your smoothies or in a glass of water to support all of your body’s natural detoxification processes.

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