6 Ways to Prepare for Getting Back to Routine

6 Ways to Prepare for Getting Back to Routine

Saying goodbye to summer and hello to the fall season can mean a big change for families. Smooth the transition and reduce the upheaval by gradually incorporating some structure into your schedule. Prioritizing hydration, incorporating sound nutrition, and staying well-rested are all key to easing gently into the next season – plan to make the whole process feel more effortless. Check out the tips below for ideas on how to get yourself on track for the new season:

1. Start Your Morning Off Right

A nutritious breakfast sets you up for success – plan and prep power-packed muffins or smoothies to make the first meal of the day the easiest (and tastiest).

2. Prioritize Your Sleep Schedule

⁠Summer nights meant late bedtimes and unpredictable schedules – fun while it lasted but not conducive to sticking-to-routine success! Don’t let the fam get irritable and exhausted (that’s almost as bad as hangry). Set a reasonable bedtime (you can work toward a goal if you’re too far off the desired hour) and make the evenings a time to wind down and relax together.

3. Build A New Routine

Whether this is going back to a work-night sleep schedule during the last month of summer, waking progressively earlier, or prepping lunches and breakfast the night before, get back to the grind - gradually.

4. Prep Healthy Meals and Snacks

Try our Plant Protein to get your own morning started and inject some amazing into your culinary creations.

5. Stay Hydrated

Water, smoothies, and milk are all good ways to stay hydrated (and energized!). With hydrating electrolytes and B vitamins, Fizzy Green Tablets work overtime for mom and dad with their water to provide a daily dose of green nutrition plus enhanced hydration.

6. Keep Moving

It’s second nature to stay active in the summer months, but don’t lose all that momentum as the weather turns. During the workday you’re likely to sit more and exercise less when the leaves start to fall so incorporating sports and activity into the schedule will help keep you focused. Not to mention, physical activity improves behavior and boosts positive attitudes!

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