4 Morning Rituals to Start Smart & Kick Off Your Day

4 Morning Rituals to Start Smart & Kick Off Your Day

How we spend our morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. With the summer sun rising earlier, it’s the perfect time to invest in your morning routine. Start smart each day with these healthy morning rituals and notice how good you feel as the day goes on!

Eat Fresh

We tend to think of breakfast as a meal centered around breads and grains, but our first meal of the day is a great opportunity to include fresh produce. Whether you throw some berries in your oatmeal or cook up a veggie omelet, including fruits and vegetables will have you feeling vibrant from the morning hours through the afternoon.

Spark the Brain Power

To keep yourself alert and focused all day, reach for the Organic Brain Booster to elevate your morning smoothie. This thoughtful blend combines farm fresh wheat grass with an amazing array of plant botanicals like matcha, bacopa, and lion's mane providing nutrients to help support cognition and mental clarity.

Move Your Body Whether you want to kick off your day with a high-intensity workout with our daily green energy booster powder or just some simple stretching, the morning is a great time to get your blood flowing. Studies show that exercising in the morning helps keep your metabolism working all day and helps you sleep better at night.[1]

Set an Intention Perhaps the most important of all morning rituals, set the tone for each day with your intentions. What do you want to accomplish today? Set some manageable goals for yourself each day and enjoy the satisfaction of completing them. Goals don’t have to be tasks—things like spending time with loved ones, going for a walk in nature, or setting aside personal time are equally important.

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