Organic Green SuperFoods

Two Week Challenge | Day 10

There are a lot of product stories today around energy and many are only promoting false energy through energy drinks made with chemicals and unnatural ingredients.  I challenge you to learn the difference between false energy and real energy now that the energy drink has become a staple in most of our schedules. Take the time to make your own energy drink using the Amazing Meal which is made of nutrient dense superfoods that also provide a daily cleanse—with all the essentials that I’ve talked about since Day 1 of this challenge. Superfoods are cleansing, detoxifying, nourishing, alkalizing and have antioxidants and enzymes—all of which helps boost the metabolism.  They are also the perfect fast food.  For example, if you only have a few minutes to grab something to eat before you go out the door, the Amazing Meal, with raw hemp protein, provides you with the perfect meal replacement.

Plan ahead and download a complete list of Meals, Recipes or Shopping List of the Two Week Challenge.

Day 1 / Meals

Amazing Grass's Amazing Meal, add to smoothie or coconut water

apple and cheese tortilla

Brown rice sushi

Raw coconut fudge

Shrimp and veggie stir fry

Avo-Banana Pudding with fruit