Organic Green SuperFoods

Two Week Challenge | Day 4

Acidosis is a commonly used term and about 95% of the population has this common condition.  This just means that the body is overly acidic. It must be taken seriously though because blood that is extremely acidic can be fatal. Reducing acidity is not easy because most of the American diet is acidic. To alkalize, cut back on acidic foods such as animal products, pasteurized dairy, breads, crackers, refined oils, and consume a diet of 50-70% plant-based foods on a daily basis. Green superfoods such as wheat grass and spirulina are some of the most alkaline foods on the planet, so a daily superfoods smoothie can rapidly balance your acidity.

Plan ahead and download a complete list of Meals, Recipes or Shopping List of the Two Week Challenge.

Day 1 / Meals

Amazing Grass's Amazing Meal, add to smoothie or coconut water

Naturally sweetened goat yogurt

Brown rice sushi

Almonds and an apple

Smoked Salmon Rolls

Avo-Banana Pudding