Organic Green SuperFoods

Two Week Challenge | Day 1

The first challenge is to become aware of your food choices and to start tracking each food and beverage you take in with a daily food journal. This tracker can help you adjust your diet over these two weeks by making you more aware of what you are putting in your body and how every food and beverage you consume affects how you feel. A meal should ideally result in good, sustained energy. The results of this approach are fueled by your daily choices and measured by the quality and level of personal energy, the most common indicator for how we feel. This tuning will not happen overnight or be in balance after these two weeks, but it is meant to start you on your path to optimal health.

Plan ahead and download a complete list of Meals, Recipes or Shopping List of the Two Week Challenge.

Day 1 / Meals

Amazing Grass's Amazing Meal, add to smoothie or coconut water

Sprouted Bread, w/ Natural Nut Butter and an Apple

Chicken/Tofu/Tuna Salad with Avocado

Amazing Grass Bar

Grilled Salmon, Sauted Veggies w/low Sodium Tamari, Coconut/ Grapeseed Oil

Coconut Water and Piece of Dark Chocolate