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Victor S.

My wife was the doctor's only patient ever to be able to get the full dose of gemzar. 16 rounds with out any drugs. Her blood count would bounce back within a week or so, and we used her blood tests to figure out how much Wheat grass to take. This worked out very well. The doctors own mother in law was only able to get one dose of gemzar. Her blood counts took a nose dive and she was unable to continue.

The doctor's and nurses where asking her what is she doing? She told them nothing. We are using a alternative cancer doctor ( along with Conventional) and the wheat grass is a part of her treatment. During chemo she was taking 4 scoops per day. I would put the wheat grass mixed with water under a UV light in a glass pan for 4 minutes. I could see it come alive with oxygen and chlorophyll.

However once she was finished with chemo, her palettes went up to high and we had to cut back some. I tried chlorophyll but this contained copper, a no no for cancer patients. My wife was able to achieve the much sought after but rarely achieved PET scan showing NED. No Evidence of Disease!!!. All issues resolved. However we know this can come back at any time and that we need to keep up with maintenance.