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Sharon Vinay / Author

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I'd like to share with you a true experience... It started right after I gave birth to my son in 1990 what my doctor believed was a huge cyst on the right side of my neck near one of my major artery bloodlines that heads directly into my brain... Once my doctor discovered it, he made it very clear to me to not let any one, meaning other doctors remove it since it was near the major blood artery heading into my brain.

For nearly what will be 23 years on the 27th of the month which is also my sons 23rd birthday, I've tried to figure out how I could reduce the size of this cyst.. Back in the middle of October of 2012, I discovered AmazingGrass product "Green SuperFood" Original powder and decided to try it based on the wonderful ingredients in it that are very healthy for our bodies along with the fact that the ingredients I had read about are known to heal many areas in our bodies that need healing... When I decided to include Green SuperFood as part of one of my meals, I did not think about my cyst on my neck at the time.  It was a week after I had started drinking Green SuperFood original powder in my favorite apple juice that I was touching the back of my neck when I felt my cyst had become smaller.

Now, after two months of drinking Green SuperFood original powder with my apple juice, my cyst that was once as huge as a small size rock, has healed to the size of a extra-extra small piece of rock...It's so small that I look forward to the day when it will nolonger exist.  The second body item that I know that Green SuperFood Original Powder has helped heal in my body, are my eyelashes.

At my age, they were thinning out, getting smaller in length and now, they are not as thin as they were before nor are they any smaller in length, but are nicer...  I'm also not as constipated as I once in awhile would become due to certain other foods I would eat due to Green SuperFood Original Powder...There are other areas of my body that I've become aware of that have healed because I have included Green SuperFood Original Powder in my diet... This wonderful Green SuperFood Original Powder is amazing, and I have recommended it to many individuals that have their own types of health issues in their life.

Because I'm also a very sensitive food individual, I'm so grateful that AmazingGrass has put together this excellent Green SuperFood original powder for individuals like me who can enjoy the powder as I do in my favorite juice without any food sensitively affects.