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Christopher Bangs - Owner of Human-Powered Mountaineers Inc.

Christopher Bangs - Owner of Human-Powered Mountaineers Inc.'s Photo

As a professional mountaineer specializing in self-supported expeditions, it is surprising to me that when people find out I’m vegan, they become concerned about my diet. It is even more surprising how many of my climbing partners who can’t keep up with me in the mountains are still skeptical that my diet may not be a good one. The fact of the matter is that I am vegan because I am an endurance athlete.

Maybe I shouldn’t be all that surprised because mountaineers can tend to be of the old guard. You know, rednecks. Cheap beer, blood, and danger. Yes we are strange breed. But once I got into human-powered mountaineering expeditions I learned that I had a long ways to go in the world of proper nutrition.

Learning the hard way is often the most convincing, and I definitely learned the hard way. In 2004 I was riding my bicycle from Missoula, Montana all the way to Mount Rainier in Washington. With me, I had all my camping, climbing, and backcountry ski gear piled high on my single wheel cargo trailer I was towing behind me on the bike. The heavy load made daily progress painfully slow and challenging. Yet my training and ambition kept me going. It was on that trip when I experience my first major food crash as an athlete. Limited to what foods where available at the local small town convenience stores in rural Washington, my options for healthy organic whole foods where just not there.

That’s when I first had the idea to raise awareness for organic foods as an athlete, and use my mountaineering feats as a way to help educate people about proper nutrition and the benefits of eating a predominately plant-based diet. The birth of Human-Powered Mountaineers Inc. had begun.

In a nut shell, what I learned was that a proper plant-based diet is easier for my body digest, and then transform that food into usable energy. The less work, or energy, it takes from my body to transform food into energy, the more energy my body has for bicycling thousands of miles to go climb a mountain. As an extreme endurance athlete, I can not afford to suffer food crashes in the middle of a three month expedition.

The Amazing Grass; Amazing Meal is simply the best all-in-one whole food supplement that I have found. I use the Amazing Meal both for recovery from my daily workout routines and powering up during the intense binge style training that I put myself through to get ready for an upcoming expedition. I also use the Amazing Meal extensively once I’m on expedition, because of how easy it is to get all the protein and greens I need on a daily basis. And the Amazing Meal travels very well, mixes easily with just plain water, and it tastes great.