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Monique C.

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My name is Monique and I want to share my story. In February 2012, I got extremely ill and was not able to care for myself. After multiple trips to the ER, not being able to eat or drink for weeks, and spending lots of time out of work and in my mother's bathroom, I was told that I had diverticulitis. So I took this diagnosis as a wakeup call and changed my diet....I cut out everything that I assumed was making me sick, except for gluten. Fast forward a few months and I began getting sicker and more fatigue than before. I couldn't figure out what was wrong until after another ten day stint of not being able to hold anything down that another ER doctor told me about Celiac Disease. After hearing that diagnosis, it all made sense...the bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, extreme fatigue after eating breads and the constant nausea. Being from Louisiana, I grew up eating rice and French bread at every meal...and I had no idea this was making my life more difficult. Being on an extremely fixed income and new to the celiac and gluten free world, I've found myself searching for some cheap yet appropriate products to eat/consume on a daily basis. This has been the most overwhelming process ever! I have never tried your products but I would like to....I just can't afford to purchase them the way I would like to; so I wanted to know if it would be possible to receive some Amazing Meals and/or super food samples from your company? This may be a long shot but I truly like your product and I feel as though eating them will give me the nourishment my body needs while I make my g-free transition. Thank you for listening and for any potential help you may can offer.

Please note Amazing Grass did send me a few samples, thank you Amazing Grass!

I know that I'm only about two weeks in to using Amazing Meal but I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I've been feeling. I've been alternating between the pom-mango and the original and they're both great! I have so much energy now, it's ridiculous. Plus, I still can't believe how easily Amazing Meal mixes in water, juice or milk without being all clumpy or chalky. I feel like I'm making a commercial but that's just how great I feel. I skipped a day last week and I felt so lousy again. The next day, I mixed a packet with some water and a banana and I wanted to run laps around my neighborhood afterwards! You sent me one packet of the chocolate and it was so good, I should've eaten the paper as well. LOL! Thanks again!!