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I have a seven year old son with autism. He refuses to eat any fruits or vegetables. I have relied on Green Super Food to nourish my child.

Recently at Whole Foods, the  Green Super Food Antioxidant & Greens Powder was on sale so  my husband picked it up as an alternative.

Just have to tell you how shocked I am by the benefits. My son has had sandpaper skin on his back, arms and cheeks. For the FIRST time in five years, his skin is soft and bump-free.

My son's speech is significantly impacted. While he has so much to  say, his articulation is very challenging to comprehend. Yesterday I had several adults, including his teacher of two years, stop me to compliment his recent speech gains.

I am so excited to discover this product after spending tens of thousands of dollars to help my child. How funny to have discovered it due to a sale, ironic?