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Green Is Sexy Product Of The Month

We admit it. When we first glanced at the sample-sized pouch of “Amazing Grass” that arrived in the green is sexy mailbox, we were a bit skeptical. To call some kind of grass amazing was a pretty bold claim.

Sure, we were willing to buy into the idea that Amazing Grass — which can either consist of just what grass or wheat grass and a collaboration of other ground-up greens — is good for you. Wheat grass, as the company notes on its web site, has roots in ancient Egypt, where peeps who’d be 50 centuries old if they were still alive today purportedly prized it for a positive effect on health and vitality.

We believed wheat grass fans when they say it packs in as much nutritional value in a single teaspoon of it as 20 teaspoonfuls of ordinary vegetables, and we nodded and smiled politely while reading about research from the 1930s that suggested grass-fed hens cranked out 150 percent more eggs than their grain-gobbling counterparts. We’ll buy the company’s claim that wheat grass and other related tables were the nation’s best-selling “multiple vitamin” and mineral supplements in the 1940s, until the one-a-day variety of vitamins came along. It’s one of the most alkaline green leafy vegetables around, and it’s loaded with enzymes, amino acids, phytonutrients and carotenoids. That’s gotta be good for us, right?

But we figured whatever that effect may be, it wouldn’t be noticeable.

Boy, were we wrong. Amazingly wrong, as it turned out. On the very first day whipping up a concoction of Amazing Grass, swilled it like a tequila shot and then schlepped off to work, we could feel the difference it made in our energy.

Wary of clever marketing and the placebo effect, though, we maintained a healthy sense of skepticism. Anything can have a one-day impact — like when you change shampoos, for example, and your hair seems ridiculously soft and vibrant. But would Amazing Grass stand the test of time? A few months later and we’re here to tell you: it has!

We added it to our daily power smoothies — laced with protein, flax seed oil and fruit — and the kick-start was unmistakeable. We hit the gym more often, got that extra project done at work, came home and did laundry when we’d normally be so tuckered after a long day at work that we’d flop on the floor instead.

You might have a completely different experience, of course. Some say wheat grass helps them study; others swear it helps them fight off colds.

And there’s one more bonus point: it’s made with all organic materials, from organic wheat grass to organic barley grass, organic alfalfa, organic spirulina, organic chlorella, even organic broccoli. Notice a theme here?