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Foods That Fit - My Journal of Active Living and Healthy Living

After my fun run, I replenished my tired self with a packet of Chocolate Green SuperFood from Amazing Grass:

I mixed it with 1 oz. of water to dissolve the powder, and then added approx. one cup of my raw hazelnut milk to it. I combined it by shaking it in the Amazing Grass container, and then took a taste. I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted a bit minty and wasn’t grainy like I thought it might be. Here is some info about it:

The green color made me a little nervous at first, but…looks can be deceiving because this was really good. I liked the chocolate coating on the outside and the filling had a creamy texture with little bits of crunch from seeds. It is a calorie dense bar, but after that hard run I needed something like this, and it kept me from being hungry for several hours.
Best of all it is: raw, cold pressed, alkaline, gluten free, fair trade, dairy free, and vegan.

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