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Non-GMO Project

Here at Amazing Grass, we believe that the best nutrition comes as nature intended: from clean soils, fresh air and sparkling waters.  Our ‘direct from the farm’ culture has allowed us to create several avenues of convenient nutrition, all without sacrificing ingredient quality. This is why all Amazing Grass products have, and always will, contain Non-GMO ingredients, only.

Sourcing organic, Non-GMO ingredients has always been our priority. In fact, the very definition of a certified organic product states:

  • Must Not contain genetically modified organisms (GMO’s)
  • Must Not be irradiated
  • Must Not contain any prohibited substance such as banned fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, food additives or sewage sludge

Our dedication to health has led us to go a step further and voluntarily submit all of our products into the Non GMO verified program. We elected to do this for a few reasons, but our greatest was to give our customers extra confidence in the quality of our ingredients. Additionally, we are excited to support the Non GMO movement in our communities, and promote the long-term values of eating free from GMO’s.

Amazing Grass is proud of every product sold and diligent to ensure that our customers continue to get the purest nutrition possible. Keep an eye out for the Non GMO Project Verified logo as it makes its way onto all Amazing Grass product labels within the coming year. 

Certificate of Compliance